Oak and earth is your source for custom ceramic pipes and ceramic water pipes. Hand crafted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - each product is unique and made to order. Our locally sourced and environmentally sustainable materials combined with our special attention to detail and care ensure every pipe is one of a kind. With three glaze options and many more eco-friendly wood stain options, it’s easy to find a combination to complement your home décor.

We’re proud to support our local economy through joint events with Edmonton businesses and collaborations with local artists.


At Oak and Earth, sustainability is at the center of everything we do. On top of our tree planting project with One Tree Planted, we have plans with Virtuoso Solar to install solar panels that will offset the energy consumed by our kiln. These panels will offset CO2 production by 11,000 kg each year.

The ceramics for all our pipes are proudly handmade in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The real wooden collars used in the Mahuta ceramic water pipe and Sherlock ceramic pipe are salvaged and shaped by A&D Woodturning in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our borosilicate glass down-stems, and bowls are hand-blown by Calgary artist, Nick Baldock.


We always include a natural element in the design of all our ceramic pipes and ceramic water pipes to serve as a reminder of our environmental values.

Our ceramic pipes start as 3D prints. These models are then molded in plaster. Liquid clay, or "slip", is poured into the molds and poured out after about an hour. The length of time the slip is left in the plaster mold will determine the thickness of the figures walls.

At this stage, the clay body is called "greenware" and needs to be trimmed and cleaned up by hand. The pipes are then bisque fired in our kiln reaching temperatures of 990 degrees Celsius. At this stage, the pipes are finally ready for some colour.

We mix our glazes and apply them carefully by hand using a spray gun. The pipes are fired a final time, this time reaching temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius so the glaze will bond with the clay.

The salvaged wood collar is adhered to the necks of our pieces, glass is added, and everything is packaged with 100% biodegradable materials.

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